Watch and Report


Call 911 for life and death emergencies or crimes in progress only. For other of the following situations, call non-emergency dispatch at 801-794-3970.  

  • A stranger entering your neighbor’s house
  • Suspicious or strange persons/vehicles in the neighborhood, schools, or parks
  • A stranger carrying appliances, household goods or other bundles from your neighbor’s home or yard
  • Persons loitering in secluded areas
  • Juvenile’s out after curfew, especially in groups
  • Persons who get out of the car and leave in another with apparent haste
  • Anyone removing accessories, license plates or fuel from a parked car

  • Persons involved in fighting
  • Any injured person you observe

  • Persons screaming
  • The sound of breaking glass or any loud explosive noises
  • Suspicious door-to-door salespersons without a valid license
  • Suspicious teenage activity
  • Lost children or other concerns regarding children
  • A fire, smell of gas or other possibly hazardous situation