Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a five-person, appointed body that reviews all matters related to development and land use.  Every city in Utah is required by law to have a functioning Planning Commission.  Members of the Planning Commission are dedicated volunteers who care about the community and who have an interest in land use issues.  The duration of each appointment is generally three years. 

The Planning Commission reviews current development proposals and land use issues within the city, and helps guide planning of future land uses, transportation routes, parks and open spaces, etc.  In some land use matters, the Planning Commission is the final decision-making body.  These matters include Home Businesses, Accessory Apartments, Conditional Use Permits, Preliminary Plats, and Variances.  On other land use matters, the Planning Commission serves as an advisory body that makes formal recommendations to the City Council.  Such matters include the General Plan, Development Code, Sign Regulations, Rezones, Site Plans, and Final Plats. 

As the Planning Commission reviews the various land use proposals listed above, their main criteria in making a decision or recommendation is based on ensuring that such proposals comply with the existing Development Code of the City.  

All Planning Commission meetings are open to the public.  While there is not a general “public comment” portion of the meetings, many proposals that are reviewed by the Planning Commission include a public comment portion that is specific to that proposal.

Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes